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Are you ready to choose EV home charger for your electric or plug-in hybrid car (PHEV), but have no idea where to start?

This guide will look at three key features:

  • Considering the cost 
  • Whether to choose tethered or untethered electric car charger
  • Style and placement of the home charger

Considering the cost of a home charger for electric cars       

A budget might be the key point for many EV buyers, but there is much more to consider when thinking of installing an EV home charger. Firstly, there is a wide range of price points to suit the car owners’ needs. Nevertheless, it can be expensive enough, unless you know what to look at. It is important to know that, in most cases, you can get a SEAI home charger grant of e600 after installing the electric car charger. In addition, many retailers and companies that sell electric car home chargers do not include installation service, which means you need to look at it separately or get whatever installers the company will suggest to you, which does not always mean getting the best quality of service. So, let think how you can make sure that the installation of the EV charger is included in the price: 

  • contact the retailer or shop about it
  • do research by yourself online or ask friends
  • check the retailers’ website
  • read online reviews about the company/shop
  • check their social media pages

Which type of EV charger to choose: tethered or untethered?

If you live in Ireland, another European country or UK what you need to know beforehand is that all public charging points are featured with Type 2 connectors. Thus, EVs and PHEVs are featured with the same type of cables and plugs. That’s why home chargers are designed for electric cars with type 2 cables.

Let’s further note that there are 2 types of chargers – tethered and untethered. There are pros and cons to both.

Having a tethered charger means that the charging cable comes together with the charger. On the other hand, the untethered charger comes with a standard plug and you need to have your own cable to run it into.


Wallbox Pulsar Untethered

Garo Tethered

Garo ev charger

Advantages of tethered electric car charger

  • More convenient – simply uncoil the cable and plug it into your EV or PHEV.
  • More secure – because the cable is part of the unit so it’s not possible to remove it.
  • Cable included – which may mean you don’t have to purchase the cable separately.

The main disadvantage of tethered charger is because the cable is part of the unit and if you want a longer cable then you would most likely have to change the entire charging unit. 

Advantages of an untethered electric car charger

  • Flexibility – because it is just a socket, you can charge both type 2 or type 1 car.
  • No cables permanently on display.
  • Option to change your charging cable length.

The main disadvantage is that you need to spend the extra cost of buying a suitable cable.

Decided to buy an EV home charger? The CarPlug have a wide range for type 2 plugs from the Irish designed smart EVSE charger to the sleek Scandinavian GARO charger, we’ve carefully selected a handful of chargers to suit all budgets and needs. If you have any questions, contact us by phone or email.

Style and placement of EV chargers

Although the EV charger is a functional device, many people also want it to look nice. After all it is attached to the part of your house or garage.

Before choosing an EV home charger you might consider :

The Style – which type of chargers do you like the look of.

Dimensions – some chargers are a bit bigger than others. We would advise you to check its size  along with its placement.

The Placement – the best place to put your charger. WiFi connection is necessary for many electric car chargers. Again, if a charging unit is out of sight then perhaps you won’t be so bothered about it’s looks but if it’s on the front of your house, you might want something a bit more stylish. 

Let’s check the style, size and features of some of the best EV chargers on the market.


EO Mini Pro 2

eo mini ev charger

   Main features

World’s smallest charger

Smart enabled – manage, monitor and schedule your charging sessions from the EO app

Tethered or untethered

4 choices of colour – white, black, silver, blue

3-year warranty

Rolec EV charger (tethered and untethered) 

eo mini ev charger

   Main features

Fast reliable charging unit

Compatible with all Type 2 electric cars

Available as 11kW or 22kW

Different colour choices

Charging cable 4.5 metres

3-year warranty


Zappi EV charger (tethered and untethered) 

eo mini ev charger

   Main features

Charge with surplus solar

Available as 7kW or 22kW

Tethered or untethered cable

2 colour choices (White or Black)

No Earth Rod required

3-year warranty


We hope the above tips will help you. Please let us know in a comment section below.

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