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The future of the automobile industry is electric. Adapting to new environmental schemes and upcoming changes dictated by the government will be the only way to stay at the forefront of your business sector. Here Car Plug specialists listed the main advantages of installing EV charging points for business TODAY.

We’re sure you’re already well aware of the benefits of the electric vehicle. You might think that it is enough time for making changes regarding electric cars for your business at any time. It is true. However, what you might consider as the best approach is to stay ahead of your competitors. While keeping up with the demands of your employees and customers, your business’s message can be inspirational by being innovative.

And we want to suggest to you an idea of how you can clarify your message without creating a new wheel. Supporting electric cars implementations says a lot about your business. Even more, everyone around the globe knows how much pollution diesel cars bring to the planet. Thus, let them know about your intentions and the way you do business by being socially aware of what is a necessity now. Based on this would you like to know what the benefits are there for your business?

Future-proofing your brand with EV chargers

Let’s think about the shift to electric in the motor vehicle industry that happens now.  As well as changes which are going to have to be made by vehicle owners all over the world. By 2030 the EU aims to have over 30m electric vehicles on the road. It’s an ambitious plan considering the fact that there are just 1.4m electric vehicles being driven today. It’s expected that 7 out of 10 vehicles will be electric and this will change the way people travel and plan their time.

What we speak here about is a change in behaviour. Thus, those looking to establish a competitive advantage will need to be equipped to cope with the significant expansion of the EV market in the near future. By installing EV charging points for business, you’ll be future-proofing your brand. Even more, you can make people remember you by being different at the start. It is totally up to you.

Plus, over the next decade the government will be encouraging more and more businesses to change their automobile habits. Unfortunately, with more pressure will come more time constraints and higher demand.

Avoid the pressure and rush by future-proofing before it becomes a necessity to do so. We can already predict the way the industry is going so why not reap the benefits now rather than rushing to adapt once they’re upon you. 

EV charger points for business

Essential EV business facilities


There are 3 main reasons why a business would need to provide charging points for EVs :

  • To allow employees to charge their cars
  • Letting customers and clients charger their cars
  • To power a personal business fleet

As the transition is made toward electric vehicles, business premises need to have electric car chargers to accommodate this on-site. For example, business meetings can be in another town or city. Thus, you will need to recharge your EV when travelling a long distance or staying somewhere for a few days. It would be a great touch for you as business owners to have EV charging stations in your parking zone.

If you do not have the essential business facilities on-site to charge their electric cars, then how are consumers or employees expected to be incentivised to change to electric.

Encourage new custom to your business by allowing EV charging

EV users are always trying to find more convenient ways to keep their vehicles charged up. Again, you will make a better impression on your business partners and will have more topics to talk about. 

EV chargers also have the potential to encourage longer customer visit duration. This is based on how long it takes to charge their electric vehicle sufficiently (which will rely on the type of charging point installed).

Based on the average time of charge needed for sufficient mileage, most EV drivers are likely to be plugged in for around an hour. This will give them lots of time to make full use of your site, putting money back into your business.

There will also be increased awareness for your premises. FaceBook groups such as Irish EV Owners Association love to share when a premises installs new chargers particularly in areas where the public charging infrastructure is poor.

At CarPlug.ie we can help your business choose the right chargers for your employees and customers. Whether you need wall mounted chargers or stand alone EV chargers that generate revenue, we have a solution for you. 


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