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We supply and install EV Chargers for your Home and Business

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Business Solutions

CarPlug.ie is a progressive Irish company specialising in EV charging solutions for your business

Our experienced team will work with you to evaluate your EV charging requirements and design a solution that best meets your needs.

CarPlug.ie can design and install EV charging solution to a wide variety of business types and sizes.

Why Install an EV charger for your business?

There are numerous benefits to installing an EV charging station at your business place

  • Eco friendliness will become part of your brand.
  • Meet corporate sustainability goals.
  • Provide leadership to your workforce.
  • You’ll attract customers to your location simply because they need a place to charge their car.
  • Paid charging stations will become a source of revenue.
  • There is an ACA GRANT available towards the purchase price and installation of Electric vehicle charging stations

Commercial Property

Attract new customers. Put your location the map.

Hospitality Sector

Attract the growing EV owners market. Competitive advantage

Leisure Sector

Attract new clients and future proof your business

Construction Sector

New houses and apartments. New commercial developments
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Whether you are a small company which requires a couple of chargers installed at one premises or a large company that is managing a fleet of vehicles we can provide a solution that meets your needs.


Frequently Asked


How much will it cost to install EV chargers in my business premises?

We are priced very competitively and will work with you to understand what type of EV chargers you require (for example wall mounted or podium chargers…), the number of chargers required and also the space that you have to install the chargers. We offer free site surveys and will break down the costs so that you can clearly see where your budget is being spent.


Do you offer a callout service?

Yes, Carplug.ie operates a 24/7 callout service should you require.


We want to install EV charges at our premises and we would like to charge the cost of the electricity to those who will use it, is that possible?

CarPlug.ie offer EV chargers with built-in billing systems which will enable you to recover the cost of the power supply. You can determine the cost by energy unit or time thus providing a cost recovery towards the initial capital expenditure.


Are technicians at Carplug.ie fully qualified?

Yes, all our technicians are both RECI/Safe Electric and NECI registered. They are also dedicated, professionals and are trained in line with HSE guidelines in relation to Covid-19.


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